Strengthening Lives & Building Healthy Communities

Breakin’ Barriers offers the facilitation of curriculum-driven mindset transformation models and development services that foster an improved quality of life through relatable mentorship, coaching discipline, and barrier reduction services. 

Breakin' Barriers reduces internal barriers that present obstacles to transformative growth that often hinder individuals from improving their quality of life.

Services provided dispel the fear associated with experiences of adversity and cultivate individual development through a strengths-based methodology that addresses common risk factors and influences protective factors.

Marvetta Froe-Shelton


Marvetta Froe-Shelton has a proven track record of executing the vision of impactful services to promote social justice to individuals and families with the goal of bridging disparity gaps. In 2018, the vision was translated to practice when she birthed Breakin' Barriers.

Marvetta obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice from Kent State University and earned her Master's Degree in Public/Justice Administration from Franklin University in 2018.

Marvetta is passionate about the development of those who have experienced injustice as she embraces her role and responsibility as a solution-oriented Trailblazer. Her mission is to continuously ignite a light of hope along the pathway of progress and achievement.

“I believe in the dignity and self-worth of all people. I also believe that all people have the ability to change and transition into the purpose for which they were created. I lead by example & support the concept of mentorship through a fiery spirit of empathy, coaching, & advocacy.”

Since the birth of Breakin' Barriers, obstacles that hindered growth and restoration have been reduced in the lives of over 500 individuals & families through education, development, and resiliency training. Thus, improving the quality of life from one generation to another.

Since 2021, Breakin' Barriers has provided support, mentorship, guidance, and coaching to individuals in pursuit of entrepreneurship and small business development.